As per provision of Regulation 7(10) and 8(16) of the NCTE (Recognition Norms & Procedure) Regulation, 2007
4. Land:
4.1 Whether copy of the Affidavit in the prescribed format has been displayed on the website as required under Regulation 8(9) of the NCTE Regulation, 2007 : Yes
4.2 Land Identification (Plot/Khasra No.) : Khasra No- 271, and 277 ; Plot No- 1239,1240,1241,1242/1293,
4.3 Land area in Sq mt : 3965.95
4.4 Whether the Title of the Land is on Ownership basis: Yes
4.5 Title of the Land is on Lease as per Law : N.A
4.6 Duration of the Lease N.A
4.7 Land use Certificate obtained for Educational Institution: Yes
5. Manpower (Photographs of Teaching Faculty should be displayed)
5.1 Details of appointed teaching staff (Date of Birth, Qualification, Professional Qualification and other relevant information) Copy Enclosed
5.2; Details of appointed non-teaching staff Copy Enclosed
6. Building :
6.1 Construction of the Building is Complete : Yes
6.2 Building is yet to be constructed : No
6.3 Building is fire safty proof : Yes
6.4 Building is desabled friendly : Yes
6.5 Common Room for Boys/Girls available : Yes
6.6 Date of Completion of the Building : 25-02-2010
6.7 Covered Area sq mt : 1530.85 Sqmt.
6.8 Number of Class Room : 4 (Four)
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